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Iowa Farmland Ownership Survey 2012

12 June 2013 by Land Commodities in
Summary: Farmers own less farmland in Iowa than investors and other non-farmers

The preliminary results of the 2012 Iowa Farmland Ownership Survey compiled every five years by Iowa State University on behalf of the Iowa Legislature show that 62 percent of Iowa farmland is now owned by farmland investors and other non-farmers, up from 60 percent in the 2007 survey and 55 percent in 2002, constituting over a 10% fall in farmer ownership over the last decade.

The survey also shows how cash rent leases have become more popular over time whilst crop share leases have become less common. This may reflect a preference for fixed income returns amongst non-farmer owners.

Authors Michael Duffy
Institution Iowa State University
Date 2013
Categories Lease Rates, Farmland Values, Agricultural Assets
Countries United States

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