Land Commodities

Bespoke farmland investment services

Land Commodities possesses the experience, knowledge and resources to provide the full spectrum of farm investment and management services from initial consultancy, planning and due diligence through to acquisition, operation and disposal.

Taken together these services allow us to provide investors with a full turnkey portfolio creation and investment management solution. We also provide individual service elements to clients who require specific advice.

For example, we have provided standalone due diligence and acquisition services to corporate buyers and strategic investors whose primary driver is food production / food security. We have also provided standalone management services to absentee farm owners and investors who are seeking to optimise income from agricultural assets they already own.

We have a wealth of expertise and practical experience that helps us find constructive solutions to the challenges that rural businesses and investors face. As experienced farmers, members of our team have built successful careers running large arable farms and plantations (and in some cases still have farms under family ownership).

Since late 2008 we have completed over 200 rural transactions totaling approximately 150,000 hectares of productive farmland in the UK and Australia and we continue to actively manage a large portion of these.

For more a complete breakdown of the services we provide, please see:

If you are considering investing in land or a farming business or have already done so, but do not think you are getting the most from your investment, then Land Commodities can help. To arrange for a preliminary chat, please feel free to contact us directly. Alternatively, if you would prefer us to contact you, please click here to complete the contact form and we will be happy to have the appropriate member of staff call you to begin discussions on a strictly confidential basis.

(Important note: The services listed in this section of our website are available to the full range of investors with respect to the markets in which we specialise (i.e. primarily Australia, and to a lesser extent the UK). Although we have the expertise to implement projects in other markets (and if necessary, augment our in-house team with additional local experts) we will only consider providing services outside of our core markets for larger portfolios (as an indication, the non-Australia + UK investment allocation would have to exceed $20 million).