Land Commodities

Introduction for farmland investors

Frequent soft commodity price spikes, recurring food crises and falling global grain stocks: this is the new normal. Recent developments prove beyond any doubt that the world’s agricultural producers are struggling to keep pace with a rapidly expanding population’s demand for food, feed, and fuel. Land Commodities believes that direct farmland investment provides the most efficient form of exposure to a future of higher agricultural commodity prices, delivering investors reliable income and capital growth with disproportionately low levels of risk.

Through our direct farmland investment packages, Land Commodities offers investors exposure to a tangible asset which provides superior risk adjusted returns, a hedge against inflation and a low level of correlation to other assets in conventional portfolios.

Over the past few years, Land Commodities has successfully developed a range of investment approaches to cater for investors from large sovereign wealth funds to individual private investors.

This website summarises the investment solutions and services we provide to a growing client base of agricultural investors. There’s also a wealth of generalised information and downloads on farmland investing and more detailed analysis on Australia, a market with excellent fundamentals for agricultural investors. Listed below is a selection of some of the content you might find useful if you are new to the asset class:

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