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Direct Farmland Ownership Opportunities for Individual Investors

We offer a number of direct farmland investment opportunities to individual investors depending on your personal circumstances and investment objectives.

If you’re looking at farmland for the first time, our purchase and leaseback model is a good starting point. It’s a simple, secure and cost effective way of becoming a landowner: you buy and directly own a block of freehold farmland, becoming the selling farmer’s landlord and earning a rental income from day one.

The highlights are:


    • Annual cash rental yield of 7% +
    • Lower minimum investment level
    • Freehold ownership of Australian agricultural land
    • High quality farming tenant in place prior to purchase
    • Target capital growth of 9% per annum (based on historical growth in land values)

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How does the investment process work?

We arrange everything for you including conducting extensive pre-purchase due diligence to ensure that you only acquire high quality farms with reliable tenants.

Click here for a due diligence pack on one of our current leaseback properties.

Our local lawyers work hand in hand with you and your advisors to ensure that the land purchase process is stress free, transparent and secure.

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    • Agronomic analysis, including topography, climate, water access, soil quality and production potential.
    • Financial and investment analysis, including management history, past financial performance and likely future returns.
    • Valuation analysis, including comparison against recent sales and similar properties currently on sale.
    • Location, market access, infrastructure and services.
    • Tenure and ownership and any matters affecting title (land use and planning, environmental legislation etc).

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I would like to see more background information on the asset class

Our Download section has a range of useful introductory reports on investing in Australian farmland. For those investors seeking more detailed analysis, you might want to try our Resources section. Some of our latest reports are shown below.


The Australian agricultural market, 2013

This document provides an introduction to Australia as an agricultural producer with an emphasis on the arable / mixed cropping-livestock sector. Amongst other things, the document covers trends in production, yields and exports (in particular with respect to the growing emerging market opportunity) and Australia’s status as a leader in sustainable farming practices.

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The Australian Wheatbelt  An introduction for investors

The Australian Wheatbelt: An introduction for investors

This document provides an introduction to the Australia Wheatbelt, the country’s arable and mixed cropping-livestock region. Amongst other things, the document provides an introduction to growing conditions and farming practices as well as regional production differences due to climate variability, soil types, water availability and farm size.

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State by state investment analysis of the Australian Wheatbelt

State by state investment analysis of the Australian Wheatbelt

This document addresses the key question: which region of Australia has delivered superior returns to agricultural investors in the past and is most likely to offer superior risk adjusted returns in the future? It demonstrates a compelling investment case for Western Australia. Historical data shows the region has produced the most consistent land value appreciation, averaging over 10% annually in the long term, with a consistently profitable agricultural economy capable of reliably delivering annual income of 5%+ to farmland investors.

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Can you help me build my own diversified portfolio of farms?

For those with more substantial sums to invest we can build a bespoke commercial farm portfolio. Please see the Services section for more information or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.