Land Commodities

A realistic look at investment returns

This report summarises our roundtable discussion at the 6th Agricultural Investment Summit, where we compared investment returns in the Australian Wheatbelt under different post-investment models (owner managed, profit share and fixed lease).

It answers the most critical investment questions in a frank and straightforward manner:

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    • Achieving alpha in farmland investing: A reality check
    • Identifying the real opportunity to enhance farmland investment returns
    • Understanding the effect of crop yield volatility on investment returns
    • Developing an analytical model to enhance investment returns
    • A realistic assessment of returns from different investment models

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Plus the report also features further supplementary sections for novice investors:

    • A concise introduction to the Australian Wheatbelt
    • How climate affects investment returns in different parts of the Australian Wheatbelt
    • A look at farmland prices in Australia compared to other parts of the world